My First Client

So One of my first clients is the crossing guard at my daughter’s school. I was picking my daughter up from school one after noon and I decided to give the crossing guard one of my cards. Immediately she says she’s interested in trying a Body applicator wrap. So I see her everyday so every so often I’ll ask about the wraps and how she liked them. And she kept telling me that she was scared to use it. So I proceed to explain that the wraps are all natural and she should not be scared to use it. She looks and me and laughs. She then explains to me that that she’s not scared of the wraps but she scared that they work too well and then she won’t be able to afford anymore…..So of course I start laughing and I explain that the loyal customer price is 59 dollars for a box which is 40 dollars off the retail price and the results are fantastic. And if she becomes a loyal customer, she can earn points to get free wraps or other products. I still see her everyday and she has definitely toned and tightened. The results are that noticeable. So definitely keep in touch with all clients. Even the ones you met on the street:)


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